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What we stand for

We at Swagoo believe that dating is more than an algorithm and so much more than a swipe. It is a lifestyle and an art, and everyone could use some help. Swagoo solves the disconnect that often occurs after matching on a dating site/app.

We are the only on-demand date coaching service and men’s lifestyle platform, created and powered by women. Swagoo breaks social norms and makes it cool to ask for advice again. We provide all the tools men need to make their dates memorable and successful so they can become the man everyone wants.



Leslie Moniz


Leslie is a hilarious dog lover who is an expert at going on first dates and not second dates. As a top sales executive, she has been part of four company acquisitions. In her spare time, she volunteers with foster youth, helping them prepare for future success.

Thea Blum


Thea Blum is a publicist with a Master’s in Communications from NYU and experience representing hospitality, tech, healthcare and entertainment brands. After way too many bad dates, she was swept off her feet by her now husband and loves showing other guys how they could do the same.

Rana Dib

Head of Social Media Strategy

Rana Dib lives and breathes social media. One of the original GoPro social media founders, she now heads Swagoo’s social media efforts. Whenever she is not liking, posting or tweeting, you can find her running, exploring swimming holes, and pretending other people’s dogs are her own. A dating aficionado, Rana believes there’s someone for everyone, and is determined to spread the message through every tweet, post and share!


Digital Contributors and Swagoo Date Consultants


Nicole Honchariw

Digital Content Contributor

Nicole is the UC Berkeley-educated daughter of a Ukrainian lawyer father and apple pie Americana mother, none of which explains her affinities for swimming, ceviche, and hip-hop music. Besides doling out dating advice and finishing her first novel, you’ll find her talking literature on her website, La Lit Chick or musing on her future bar in Baja.

Gabrielle Guerrero

Digital Content Contributor

Gabrielle Guerrero is a journalism major at San Francisco State. When she’s not roaming around local dog parks, she’s working on a lifestyle blog and finding her way to the kitchen. She’s currently crushing over Zayn Malik like a school girl.

Chelsea Springer

Digital Content Contributor

Chelsea Springer is a freelance writer and teacher living in San Francisco. After earning her BA from UCLA, Chelsea relocated back to the Bay Area where she received a Secondary Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design. When she’s not busy looking for parking, Chelsea likes to read Vanity Fair, come in second in her fantasy football league, and help her friends compose witty texts.

Zoe Marshall

Digital Contributor/Date Consultant

Zoe spends most of her time writing romantic comedy books, working at a restaurant (putting her two Bachelors Degrees to good use), or playing video games (because she’s a dork like that). Through many, many failed relationships, Zoe has learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work. She even recently published a book about a love columnist, so obviously she’s an expert. Well, maybe that’s a stretch…but she knows what a girl wants.  Zoe Marshall Fiction

Falisha Conner

Date Consultant

By day, Falisha is a CMT and nanny and by night, she’s a matchmaker for friends, family and clients. Falisha was a “serial dater” before she married the love of her life in 2015.  With a passion for genuinely wanting to help people find love, she applies real life experiences to help men navigate through this new era of dating.

Mariangela Futia

Date Consultant

Mariangela Futia is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at San Jose State University. She has a passion for helping others and applies a holistic approach to various situations. After months on end of swiping left and right on Tinder and acting as the perfect “wing-woman” and dating advisor to her closest friends, Mariangela has encompassed a perfusion of knowledge of playing the field.