Sky’s the limit….Literally

By Zoe Marshall

Where: Skydive Monterey Bay (Monterey)
When: During the weekend (but make sure the weather is nice).
Don’t forget your: Close-toed shoes and fearless spirit.
Cash Factor: High (Get it…?).

Every once in a while, you want to show a date that you like to walk on the wild side (or jump on the wild side, as the case may be). This destination date to Skydive Monterey Bay will have you both shaking in your proverbial boots as you fall at 120 m.p.h., overlooking beautiful Monterey Bay on the adventure date of a lifetime. But make sure your date has a) skydived before or b) is open to it and ready for it. After all, jumping out a perfectly functioning airplane isn’t exactly on everyone’s to-do list.

Not only does SMB operate, fly and land closer to the ocean than any other skydive center in California, but they also feature a 90-second, 18,000ft. jump (the highest legally allowed in the world). Yes, the world.

This is, by no means, a cheap date. The cheapest package is for a 10,000ft. jump for $179 each (but only a 25-second freefall). It’s $219 for a 15,000ft., 70-second freefall), and the highest tandem jump in the world (18,000 ft.), is $279 each. We recommend the latter, because if you’re going to jump out of an airplane, why not go all out?

After your adventure, you’ll both be pumping with adrenaline and ready for a bite and a drink. We recommend stopping by Cannery Row Brewing Company. CRBC offers the second largest number of beers on tap in northern California and an outdoor seating area with fire pits, overlooking the Cannery Row recreation trails. You can choose from one of their extensive collection of beers and share a few appetizers (we suggest the 1833 cheddar bacon biscuits with chipotle maple butter and the parmesan pretzel with pub cheese dip).

Who says you need to do drugs to get high on a date?

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