Parks and Rec and Brews


By Zoe Marshall

Where: Del Valle (Livermore).
When: A sunny, slightly breezy day.
Be ready for: A long day full of beautiful views, delicious beer and classic movies. (And don’t forget to hydrate)
Cash factor: Trends light to moderate.

Picture this: it’s a nice, warm day in Livermore. The slight breeze in the air provides relief from the warm sunshine. You take your date to Del Valle Regional Park for a light hike leading to a bench with a breathtaking view of the lake. She totally handles her own and isn’t afraid to get her shoes dirty, which is obviously a good sign.

When you arrive back at the car, take a short drive to Altamont Beer Works to enjoy a beer flight. They offer a hoppy variety of beers, ranging from lighter choices such as Left Coast to their double IPA, Hella Hoppy. You can even take a tour of the brewery and see where the magic happens. You’ll appreciate the beer even more once you see what goes into it all.

Next, we all know movies aren’t the best first date location, but you should make an exception for The Vine Cinema downtown. It’s small, but they show only unique independent and classic films. You can get drinks there and you can even have food delivered from the upscale Zephyr Grill and Bar next door. Take a seat in front of one of the cocktail tables and enjoy the unique movie going experience.


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