So, You Think You Can Drink


By Zoe Marshall

Where: Downtown Livermore.
When: Thursday or Saturday.
Not for: Low tolerance girls.
Cash factor: Trends low to moderate.

If you happen to be dating a beer girl (rather than a cocktail girl), head to Livermore on a nice Thursday or Saturday afternoon/evening for live music and a great selection of beer at Tap 25, where they have -you guessed it- 25 beers on tap. They feature up and coming local musical talent, which is a great way to get exposed to new artists. There’s also a nice patio area, right next to Swirl (a wine bar), in case she’d prefer a nice glass of wine.

Next, walk across the parking lot to First Street Alehouse, where they feature 28 beers on tap. It’s a low key environment with a friendly staff. Ask for servers Dani or Kylie, who have been there for years and give excellent service. Or sit at the bar and ask for Dan, who has also been there forever. They all have excellent knowledge of beer and can help your date to satisfy her thirst perfectly. At this point, you may want to order some appetizers to soak up all the booze, such as fried pickles or nachos. Both go great with beer, obviously.

Lastly, since we’re drinking here, head across the street to go to Sanctuary. Full bar, at last. Don’t worry- that beer before liquor thing is totally a myth – live on the edge and give it a shot with one of their phenomenal Moscow mules. Enjoy it on the patio, complete with comfortable couches and fire pits. She’ll be warming up to you in no time.

Drink if you must