DT Santa Cruzin


By Zoe Marshall

Where: Downtown Santa Cruz.
When: Whenever your heart desires (preferably when it’s nice out).
Please tell your date to bring: Flip-flops (if you want to fit in with the locals).
Cash factor: Trends light to moderate, depending on how many places you stop by.

Downtown Santa Cruz is a great place for people watching, and of course some amazing food. First, stop by Pizza My Heart and grab a huge greasy slice. It’s the best pizza around and a good portion for a cheap price. Swagoo Girls recommend a classic such as the Rockaway BBQ chicken, or something more adventurous like the San Andres, which consists of pastrami, pepperoncini, sweet Peruvian peppers and gourmet mustard (I know what you’re thinking- who puts mustard on a pizza? Just trust us on this one). Word of advice: maybe try to avoid the garlic pizzas, such as Steamer’s clam and garlic pizza (sure it’s delicious, but nobody wants to reek of garlic on a date).

Next, walk around downtown for a bit. Check out the eclectic group of people playing drums and walking around in costumes. Santa Cruz is one of the more unique cities, combining musicians, dancers, and great concerts (especially at The Catalyst).

Maybe stop by IT’SUGAR and pick up some salt water taffy or choose from one of the million other unique candies they sell.

To wrap it up, Swagoo Girls suggest Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co. for a certified fair trade, organic espresso and one of their fabulous desserts. There’s even a quiet room to sit in and get to know one another. The possibilities are endless.

Combining pizza, candy and coffee? You can’t really go wrong.

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