Pretty in Piatti sans garlic


By Zoe Marshall

Where: Piatti (Danville).
When: Any night will do (but make sure you get a reservation).
Make sure you and your date: Dress to impress.
Cash factor: Trends moderate to high.

If you’re feeling fancy and looking for some great upscale food accompanied by a full bar and awesome wine list, Piatti in Danville is the spot. Once again, as always, we suggest sitting on the heated patio. Here’s a tip, though: forgo the garlic sauce they offer with warm bread upon being seated (though it is delicious). You want to keep your options open in case you’re lucky enough to get a good night kiss later. Maybe ask for some plain vinegar and olive oil instead.

Piatti is great for unique shared plates, such as fried green tomatoes with romesco and coriander aioli, or piedmontese beef carpacio. And we all know you can’t go wrong with pizza. They’re the perfect size for two people, with such favorites as the classic margherita or peperoncini. And hey- if you’re dating a salad girl (because a lot of women default to salad on a first date, which we personally avoid because it’s awkward to eat and easy to get stuck in your teeth), the chopped lettuces salad with palm hearts, feta cheese, olives and creamy oregano dressing is a favorite. And, if all of that fails, you have paninis and pastas as well. There’s lots to choose from, so be prepared to help your date decide. Not that women are ever indecisive about what we eat (ahem).

Lastly, wrap up the perfect meal with an option from their seasonal dessert menu. We assure you, you can’t go wrong with anything they offer.