We get it: you would rather sit at home watching Grandma’s Boy than be caught dead with your feet up in a plush leather chair surrounded by beautiful women, getting massaged by a nail technician. When we put it that way, doesn’t it sound heavenly? Now, we understand the very thought of this act makes you feel subject to being bucketed into a “top or bottom,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, we love a weekend of catch up and mani-pedis with our gays, but we would just as much enjoy kicking back, relaxing and watching how you take pride (no pun intended) in caring for your hands and feet.

You may not realize that your hands are one of the first things women notice when meeting you. Are his nails trimmed? Is there dirt under them? Are his cuticles overgrown? Does he have calluses? How firm is his handshake? (Another Dapper topic to be covered at a later date.) Whether we’re meeting in the office or on our first date, be assured these thoughts are going through our heads. So don’t be ashamed: walk into a nail salon with pride, then relax and let the ladies do their work. Oh, and those looks you’re getting are of predilection. We recognize how comfortable you are in your own skin and how you aren’t afraid of how you might be perceived. You’re a man who appreciates looking his best and we are instantly attracted to your confidence.

men getting manicures

If you need to ease into this whole “man-i” movement, grab a girl-friend and start slow! Eventually, this will become such a ritual that you will wean off her, and start scheduling weekly appointments without trepidation.’

As most of you are new to this, you may be asking “Swagoo Girls, how do we know when or if we need a man-i?” Below, is a guide on how to determine when it’s time to pop into that salon.

1.  Dirty Nails

right hand with dirty fingers and nails isolate on white background with clipping path

2. Dry, Flakey Hands


3. Overgrown Cuticles 

Overgrown Cuticles

4. Discolored Nails

Remember fellas, it only takes one trip to transform these bedraggled paws to polished stunners. Who’s ready to hit up their local salon?