The Quintessential Leather Jacket

By Gabrielle Guerrero

This week’s Swagoo Look features the timeless leather jacket. Have you rummaged through your closet looking for a casual outfit with a hint of bad boy? We’re here to help with pieces that will definitely work for you. There is something about a man in this look that gives us chills yet conveys so much comfort at the same time. It’s all about the leather jacket (more than just a once-in-a-while confidence booster, we think it’s a staple!) paired with a crewneck, wingtip boots and retro-framed shades. Flaunt this look year-round, from cool summer nights to brisk winter days.

LEather jacket

Photo Cred: Alexander Sattler

Threads Up Top

The timeless and classic crewneck sweater is essential to any man’s wardrobe. It’s a multi-functional piece that pairs seamlessly with almost anything. Whether you style it alone with jeans, layer with a T-shirt, or spice it up with a leather jacket, this look is fire in any situation. In spring and summer months, the Swagoo team recommends stocking up on a couple pastels and softer tones (after all, real men wear pink). When choosing lighter colors, make sure you have been kissed by the sun to avoid being washed out or blending in with your winter skintone.  In colder months, dark, earthy colors are warm and welcoming. Oh, and splurge a little on your leathers, fellas – this piece can last a lifetime. You never want to be the man in the cheap leather jacket. A few tips when shopping leather:

  • Soft and supple wins the race. You never want your date to hear that ‘rubbery’ sound when hugged.
  • Smell! We all know the difference between how leather and pleather smells, so choose wisely.
  • Too many zippers is overkill.
  • Just say no to fur. It’s never a good look.
  • If you fall in love with the black one, buy the brown one. You don’t want to go back and find it’s sold out.
  • A brand you trust is always the best choice.

leather jacket Crew Neck

J.Crew Leather Jacket

LL Bean Crew Neck

Accentuate Those Legs 

Fitted, distressed denim with knee rips are all the rage these days. We hate to ask, but… should we be thanking Kanye for this hot new trend? Though pulling off this look requires confidence, we know you can rock it if you want to channel the rebel inside. These jeans are casual, yet fly and can be paired with any of our ‘Threads up Top’ recommendations. Yes, you can even wear them out to da club.  The key is making sure you’re wearing the right pair in the right setting. Here is our breakdown:

The white ripped fit (say that three times fast) may seem like a bold move for most men, but if you’re going to experiment, why not go all the way? Sport them at brunch, in the park or even wine tasting, if you dare.

White Ripped Jeans

Saks White Ripped Jeans

For an evening look, a dark wash or a black pair is definitely the way to go. Flaunt these during your favorite sporting events or at a game of shuffleboard with the boys. You can even rock them on the first date. These versatile and edgy pants will make you the center of attention.

Black knees

ASOS Black Knee Ripped Jeans

Swagoo Girls Pro Tip: Feeling a little hesitant to invest in this look? Grab a pair of worn-out jeans taking up space in your closet along with some scissors and create your own distressed pair. Cut a horizontal hole at the knee (do not cut the back of your jeans or you will make shorts, which is not the goal ). Then, take the frayed pieces and unthread the hole a bit to give it that unraveled feel. There you have it – your own ripped jeans without breaking the bank.

Kicks to Impress

If you’re going to invest in a boot, we suggest the lace-up, wingtip brogue. A deep brown or black ankle hugger is the boot of any man’s dreams and is sure to impress the ladies. Feel free to lace up these boots to the top or leave them somewhat loose and untied. The pointed toe and leather textile lining make them ready-to-wear for any occasion. They are a great investment for work, play or just an all-around good time.

Black WingtipNordstrom Wingtip Boot

Tucking your pant into this boot is a great look for tall, lean ‘hipster’ types. This fashion trend started with the ladies and has now migrated to gents to give a new look to your wardrobe. If you can master this style, stick with it.


Boots Tucked


For our solidly built men – yes, you can also rock this style. We know you might feel a little apprehensive but try the untucked pant over your boot to elongate your legs. We will still notice your stylish boots and you’ll leave the rest to our imagination.

Slight roll



Inspired by the ‘20s with a touch of modern day edge, retro shades have been around for decades. Reclaimed vintage glasses like these complement all face shapes by highlighting structured cheekbones and maintaining balance at the same time. If you’re planning to head to the pool, reach for a pair with brown frames and dark lenses. 


Frames Direct Brown Frames

For the darker man, try a darker frame.  If you have a box-shaped face, a square frame will complement you well.  For an added twist, grab a pair with a hint of gold or silver.  These shades are far from boring and will have you looking like a bad ass.  

Dark ShadesFlat Black GLasses

Neiman Marcus Super Retro Black Frames                                                             

Jo-Oh Retroframe Black and Gold

For the lighter man with soft features or those with a round-shaped face, medium-colored tones are the way to go. Try a tortoise shell pattern or solid brown.

Toritise Shell Glasses


See.Saw.Seen Tortise Frame

Swagoo Girls Pro Tip: Be careful ordering sunglasses online. If you know which shapes work for you, go for it! If not, we highly recommend venturing into a store that carries quality sunglasses so experts there can evaluate your face shape and skin tone to recommend the most flattering style. If you want a third party opinion, schedule time with one of our Swagoo Girls to help you choose the right pair. 

Panty Droppin’ Scents

Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel fragrance is fresh, clean and perfect for the man who seeks adventures. Get the travel size for your car, gym bag or suitcase.

Chanel Bleu

Sephora Chanel Bleu

Threads Up Top