Seaside Vacations

By Gabrielle Guerrero

Summer is approaching and we’re inspired by seaside vacation looks. This style is all about comfort and simplicity. Cuffed khakis give an effortless feel and a classic v-neck keeps it cool. Perfect for any summer setting, the look is pulled together with a pair of canvas espadrilles, a simple leather belt and a fedora, if you choose. This week, the Swagoo Girls will guide you in making you feel slick and sexy.  Now it’s time to enjoy your vacation!

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Threads up Top  

It’s funny to think a garment that was once considered underwear has become a staple piece in today’s fashion. The V-neck is convenient, yet versatile. While it may be less formal than the classic crew, these threads add more style to your casual outfit. We love how it leaves us wondering: “What’s he working with under that shirt?”

Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness when selecting your V, so chose wisely. Think about where you’re headed and if a plain white or black V will suffice. Many times the answer is yes, but for occasions to impress, spice up that standard look by swapping your plain shirts with a striped or print version. Please do not confuse striped or print with a screen print. If you have a strong desire for a screen print on your shirt, stick with a crew neck.


GAP V-Neck

A light long sleeve version is the perfect alternative to your basic tee, and great for those breezy summer evenings. Worn with a pair of khakis or dark-wash denim, or styled under a sleek blazer, the V-neck is a must-have basic to highlight your best features from the waist up.


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.50.10 PM

Nordstrom Long Sleeve V-Neck

*SG Pro-Tip: deep Vs are never a good choice — Ben Stiller’s skit was a joke, fellas!

Accentuate Those Legs 

The chino (or khaki) has always been an appropriate wear.  The key is all about how you style them. Cuffed or uncuffed? Fitted or loose? Subtle or bright? Whatever you prefer, these denim alternatives are sure to keep you cool and maintain your casual appeal. The versatility is endless. This week, we are going to guide you in gradually expanding your color spectrum. From plain khaki and earthy tones to brighter and lighter washes, taking a chance and testing a variety of looks shows you are ahead of the style game and you’re not afraid to “color outside of the lines.”

If you’re starting to dip your toe in the chino color pool, start with colors like navy, hunter green or burgundy. This will help ease you in feeling comfortable experimenting without your pants screaming, “I’ve never done this before.” We all know that feeling and if you feel that way, everyone else will sense it. So ease in. Swagoo girls’ tip: don’t go too baggy with these pants; keep it clean by keeping them fitted. If you need a little extra room, go loose. There is a difference loose and baggy.

pant1             pant2


You’ve done it! You have mastered the art of going beyond your standard khaki. You’re looking good and feeling great; now you are ready to take a leap and get creative with your pants. It’s summer so there’s no better time to dive in. Now we aren’t saying go full force with neon pinks or paisley print. However, we are loving the Bonobos colored selection as a “jump off” point. If you are going to go bold on the bottom, stick with the plain V on top. You don’t want to go overboard with your brights or neons.

As always, you can always FaceTime with one of our girls to help with your chino and V selections.


 Bonobos Chinos


Fedoras seem to have a bad reputation; some might say they’re the, “assholes of the hat world.” Sigh. Well here at Swagoo Girl headquarters, we beg to differ and recommend the fedora as the perfect summer hat. Here some of our favorite looks and how to wear them. A great addition when combing your hair is just not an option.

The Classic: Straw, Rolled Brim

We do believe this is the hat that started it all. Either your hate it or love it — there really is no in-between.  Men with perfectly shaped heads can rock these all day and their swag meter automatically increases.

Rolled Brim

GAP Straw Fedora

The Classic: Straw, Straight Brim

Similar to straw, rolled brim – the straight brimmed version – is perfect for guys who are looking to up their style game and fetch a little extra protection from the sun.  If you have a “larger head,” these hats are great as the circumference is wider and there is also an indent for a little more room. No more trying to strategically place your head in a hat that just does not work for you.

Straight brim fedora

GAP Straw Fedora


We know you’ve all seen these. Felt fedoras are everywhere. On both men and women, in the dead of heat and in the coldest months of winter. You can’t avoid them and why would you? We love this hot trend, and think you should hop on board. You can wear a felt fedora in so many ways. Place it lightly on the back of your head to give that “my hat is falling off my head, but I’m so fly that it’s not” look. Or, strategically wear it directly on top to channel your inner Pharell. Any way you wear it, you are sure to have the ladies talking.

From au natural straw to felt and wide-brimmed, there is no better way to protect that handsome face than with any of these additions.


Urban Outfitters Felt Fedora

Kicks to Impress 

It’s time to kiss your flip-flops goodbye and say hello to these new closet additions! Espadrilles are the staple shoe of the ever-endless summer. While comfortable and light, what we love most is how classy they make men look. Rather than reaching for an open foot sandal, choose these. Suede, canvas or straw, they’ll complete the look of any casual outfit.  If you’re going to the beach or simply enjoying some great weather, the espadrille is a must-have this season. Now, let’s break down the different looks this shoe can provide for you.

Suede: You have to be very careful when wearing this style, especially if it is warm out, as these shoes do not provide a lot of air flow.  We believe they were purely made for “shoe art”- but we aren’t mad at the flavor they add to your look.  We recommend only incorporating this shoe if you are going to be sedentary or kicking your feet up for a number of hours. Wear them to the horse races or even just heading to a friend’s house for dinner. These are a cozy alternative to your standard loafers.


Zappos Suede Espadrilles

Canvas: We love how universal this shoe is. It is perfect for beach, brunch or just a day out on your bike. You may not think so, but this shoe definitely “dresses up” your classic beach look and are extremely comfortable. Slip them on instead of your flip-flops and we will instantly know that you care about your appearance.Canvas EspadrillesSoludos Canvas Espadrilles

The Lace Up:  If you’re heading to a festival or carnival and want the look of the espadrille, but need more support than a slip-on, the lace up version of these are a great option. They provide that stylistic look you desire, along with the support you may need while dancing or eating a turkey drumstick with your date.

Lace up espadrilles

Aldo Lace Up Espadrilles

Panty Droppin Scents 

A mixture of sexy and confident yet graceful and modern, Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio is exactly how we want our man to smell. This fragrance is best worn at the beach this summer or dancing with your lady at a wedding.



Acqua Di Gio

















Panty Droppin' Scents