Short Trunks Are The New Black

By Chelsea Springer

Summer, summer, summer time is all but here, and as temps rise, it’s time to roll out your finest beach threads, sit back and unwind. While summertime is all about maxin’ and relaxin’, warm weather wardrobes can be tricky to navigate. Lucky for you, your Swagoo Girls are here to guide you down the path to looking fly while you conquer the heat.  Read on as we break it all down, from warm weather style wins and losses to the age-old question: Just how much thigh you should be showing in those shorts?

Summer series

Photo Cred: H&M

Threads Up Top

To be frank, tanks aren’t for all guys, and even for those who can pull them off, there’s a time and a place. Think of these tops like public displays of affection, you have to know when it’s okay to pull the trigger. Here at Swagoo we say fire away if your arms are an asset you want to show off when you head to the beach, grab a casual lunch, or hit your friend’s roof deck. But beware, generally when the sun goes down, it’s time to put the guns away. If you’re out and about, transition by throwing on a neutral colored cardigan or a casual blazer. Just hopping on the men’s tank trend? Start out subtle with a plain colored sleeveless, then once you get comfortable, venture into printed territory. Why rock a tank? Ladies love to feel your arms during a hug. Plus, when it all comes together, men in tanks project a sexy masculine confidence that’s oh so hard for us girls to resist. 

Black Tank RVCA Tank

 Black Solid Tank


Accentuate Those Legs

Here’s the long and not so long of it: gone are the days of knee grazing board shorts. European trends continue to catch fire on this side of the pond, and here at Swagoo we’re not complaining, and neither should you. While a more fitted short allows us girls to check out your best assets, they also deliver a more flattering look. (Little did you know, but those long bottoms from high school make your legs look disproportionately small, while their shorter counterparts actually make you look taller.) We know you aren’t flocking to speedos, nor should you be, so we’ve provided you with some on trend alternatives to get you in the game.

Hawaiian Short Chubbies mens-notched-boardshorts-dashes-navy-front_2048x2048

 Hawaiian Short

Chubbies Striped Shorts

Notched Board Short

Kicks to Impress

We know that choosing a flip-flop can be a relatively mindless task; kind of like sleepwalking, or scrolling through your Snapchat feed. But just like tanks, footwear must be occasion appropriate, and, unlike mankind, not all sandals are created equal. Never fear, your Swagoo Ggirls have compiled a few of our faves, which range from casual comfort to a more polished look. Though the casual options are great to run to the corner store or kick off  in the sand, you might catch a glimpse of a deserved stank eye if you choose to rock them in a finer establishment. To make sure you don’t need to trip over your own feet, we’ve also provided some options that get the green light in casual restaurants and bars, or for that outing to the lake with your potential parents-in-law. A word of advice about sandals in general: make sure your feet have had some TLC in the not so distant past. If the idea of a professional pedicure makes you squirm, invest in some tools of your own to groom your soles before you bare those toes.

HavaniasRainbow Sandals


Kick off Casual Havaianas

Polished Rainbow Sandals


For the man who isn’t afraid to take a slight style risk, meet the man bag of the minute. Both options pictured below are lightweight and uber convenient to transport your essentials: football, frisbees, flip flops  etc. We all know that a day at the beach requires more than a few carry along items, and these bags have your back. Never fear, each of these styles is machine washable – so you can finally forgive that friend who spilled a Pacifico on your stuff last weekend. While these bags are technically unisex, the color, material and design of each projects a mostly masculine look. If you feel comfortable and confident enough to upgrade your summer look by adding a bag, you will enjoy the added perk of sending a powerful signal; women respect a man who’s confident in his masculinity and exudes an unspoken confidence. You may also be pleasantly surprised to know that here at Swagoo, we firmly believe other men won’t judge you for this style maneuver. In fact, they’ll probably ask to throw their sunglasses in your bag before you head out to the beach or jump on the boat for the afternoon.  If neither of these bags are calling your name, you might try a beach backpack (see below), which provides the same functionality with a more downright masculine look.

Herschel Backpack Jack Spade Bag

 Herschel Bag

Jack Spade Bag

Panty Droppin’ Scents

A well-chosen cologne mixes with your own natural scent to create a manly and ever so sexy fragrance concoction that’s uniquely you. We like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino (pictured below,) which features bright, citrus tones, reminiscent of the ocean. Neroli is considered a unisex fragrance, and as long as you and your girl aren’t BOTH choosing to splash on this same option, you can safely spray away.  Who knows, you could even sprinkle your lady with a spritz before you part ways for in the morning so she can be subtly reminded of you during her workday.  Beware though, she may not be able to leave once she catches a whiff of the right cologne on you; be prepared as girls tend to come running for a smartly scented man.

Tom Ford PortifinoTom Ford Portifino



Accentuate Those Legs