Sneaks, Shorts & Arm Candy

By Gabrielle Guerrerro

Warm weather is here! It’s time to bust out those short sleeves, shorts and white sneakers. These will be your essential pieces for a cool and casual weekend ensemble. We love the uncomplicated vibe of this look, which stays polished with your choice of a statement or solid-colored button down or polo. From the golf course to the streets, this outfit isn’t complete without a sleek piece of arm candy.

Swagoo Look - Arm Candy


Threads Up Top

In a print or solid color, the classic polo is effortless, stylish and easy to dress with a pair of shorts. If you’re an avid golfer, we know this is already your ‘go to’ on the course, but don’t be afraid to wear this shirt for other occasions. We suggest not tucking it in (as you do on the 9th hole). Instead, leave it loose and comfortable. Pair solid-colored polos with a fun statement short, and statement polos with a more toned-down bottom. These looks show you’re calm and collected — who wouldn’t want to surround themselves around you?

BUtton up        Tommy Bahama Polo Shirt


Tommy Bahama Polo

Billabong Button Up

Accentuate Those Legs

When it comes to finding the right pair of shorts, it all boils down to which style you’re going for. The statement, tailored or street wear pair.  No matter which you choose, pulling together the rest of your look will come naturally.  

The Statement Short:  Best worn with a more casual short sleeve shirt to make your shorts the center of attention. There’s no better time than summer to bring out this look!  

Statement Short

Brooks Brother Statement Short

The Tailored Short:  Perfect for those summer night parties or a sophisticated day out.  Pair these with a button up and jersey blazer.

Tailored Short

ASOS Tailored Short

The ‘Street’ Short: These  range from loungewear to denim and cargo, and can be dressed up or down.  They’re perfect for a relaxing weekend, date night in or a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  For the grunge/hipster look, layer with with a t-shirt and flannel.

Fleece shorts

James Perse Fleece Shorts

Kicks to Impress

Sneakers are an essential component to a man’s wardrobe. White sneakers are great because they’re versatile and complement any outfit, any time of the year. They work with everything from your everyday look or as part of a dressy fit, to the perfect laidback ensemble. The key is making sure you’re wearing the proper bottoms so you play off the shoe and not work against it. For jeans, a tapered, slim fit looks best.  For shorts, you can’t go wrong with any of our suggestions featured in this week’s “Look Fly” edition. Below are some of the Swagoo Girls’ favorites. These aren’t your traditional ‘Chucks’ or Vans — not only do they provide coziness for your tootsies, they will make you stand out amongst the crowd.Adidas White Sneakers        White Sneakers

Adidas White Sneakers

Nike White Sneakers


The Infinity “Black + Slate” piece by Becomb is not a watch, but rather an innovative piece of bling that can be dressed up for a hot date. We love the minimalistic feel of this accessory, which serves the simple function of arm candy. After all, who actually reads the time on their watch these days — don’t we all have smart phones?


Becomb Watch

Becomb Arm Candy

Panty Droppin’ Scents

We are currently obsessing over Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense.  A combination of sexy and addictive, this sensual everyday wear works for the office or a night out in the city.

Burberry Rhythm Intense

Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense


Kicks to Impress