Those Pearly Whites

By Chelsea Springer

Searching for the surest way to transform women into putty in your hands? Keep your teeth camera ready and show off those pearly whites. A gorgeous smile can do wonders for any guy. We know, we know, when Nelly robbed the jewelry store and told ‘em make me a grill, it really threw the whole world for a loop. What’s a single guy to do – gravitate towards platinum mouth accessories and forget about the set that God gave ya? No way. Your million dollar smile is waiting to be cultivated and flaunted, not to be purchased from Jacob the Jeweler.  According to research, smiling projects confidence and makes women more receptive. Plus it’s often the first thing a girl notices when she scopes out a potential suitor. So don’t be shy fellas, smile early and often and you’ll have the ladies hooked. Let’s start with a surefire way to get women mesmerized and longing to plant a smooch on those lips.

Swagoo Girls Tip 1: Brush Up

Ladies often talk about how many times men have come in hot at the end of a spectacular date, only to immediately kill the vibe with the kiss of death – bad breath. So take a few minutes before your date (and, discreetly of course, after your meal) and get at it.

apa-009_1z  aa9141b3-7546-4587-9dc6-3cd4ef265f6f  listerine



Colgate Travel Brushes                                                                                                


*Pro tip  – ALWAYS carry a few sticks of gum, travel toothbrush or mints in your pocket to guarantee she won’t shy away from your end-of-date kiss due to breath issues.

Swagoo Tip 2: Lighten Up

If you smoked cigarettes (in a previous life, of course), drink a ton of coffee, or just somehow lost your glean somewhere in between your blinding third grade mug and now, we are here to help. Not sure? Google the “tissue test”, and thank us later.  If you can’t hide your lyin eyes, you definitely can’t hide a smile game that’s not up to par. Whitening strips or trays are a Godsend and trust us, they can help transform even the most abused and stained teeth into a set you will be proud to showcase in your profile pic. Women already swear by these products, so get on board and get in the game. It’s really a no brainer – they won’t break the bank and it only takes a few weeks to go from dull to dapper.

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Swagoo Girl Tip 3:  Cheer Up

Want to watch a woman go from the girl who is hard to read to the girl who will get lost listening to all you have to share? Smile. Just smile. Tupac said so and we do too.