Some dating “rules” revamped

By Nicole Honchariw

  1. You can kiss on the first date. Of course, this requires your date’s consent (otherwise, as Billy Madison would wisely put it, “That’s assault, brotha.”). If the two of you are feeling each other, put the chemistry to the test. Just try not to go much further than that…and know that we would still advise women to hold off on getting too intimate too soon, too.
  2. It’s ok to be the first one to reach out. The texting tug of war is a new, but already exhausting, sport. So you sent the last text last night? Ok. Cool. That shouldn’t stop you from reaching out next time you want to. Show you don’t stress about texting ‘rules’ and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when she lets go of the BS, too.
  1. If you’re questioning things, try actually asking a question. If you’re getting unclear vibes from your new love interest, or if you’re having a hard time deciphering what her aloof text message really means, don’t be afraid to ditch the game playing and just ask what’s going on. Not only will you have the information you need to take the next step, but it will also inspire your date to be more straightforward and forthcoming, as well.