By Nicole Honchariw

A few weekly tips for a whole new kind of tech savvy.

  1. Your phone belongs in your pocket, never on the dinner table. This should go for every human interaction, but it’s especially important on a date. You asked this person out for a reason. Don’t make them feel like they’re fighting for your attention every time your screen lights up (and by all means, this should be a two-way street. It’s fair to judge your date if she exercises poor table manners and puts her own phone on the table). And on that note, though “meeting for drinks” might seem tremendously more casual…
  2. Your phone belongs in your pocket, never on the bar. Also: women pay attention to the attention you’re giving your phone. If it’s out in plain sight on the bar all evening and we then see you take it with you during a bathroom break, we notice. We notice, and we don’t particularly like it. In fact, it’ll likely just spur us to jump on our phones, as well. It takes two to Tinder, after all.
  3. Be wary of too much texting too soon. You don’t know the person well enough to demand such a constant presence in their lives. Not to mention, you’re creating an unrealistic standard of what the girl should expect down the road. If you blow her up non-stop in the first week of knowing each other, she’ll have a hard time not over-analyzing it when you get extra busy at work or want some time to disconnect down the road.
  4. You used to call us on our cell phones (and we miss it). Texting is convenient. Easy. But when you’re really wanting to show a lady you’re feeling her, you need to pick up your phone and dial an actual number. There’s no substitute for hearing the voice you’re excited about on the other end of the line, and having real conversations will bring the two of you much closer than another meme of some cat stuck in the blinds.