The Kiss

By Anastacia Cortez-Mcmillin

In the world of dating, there are certain moments that decide where a relationship will lead. How you ask her out, where you go, the conversation, glances, light touches, hand holding- it all leads to the first kiss. And how that kiss goes can make a huge difference in her perception of the chemistry between the two of you. So whether you’re looking for the love of your life or something casual, the first kiss is crucial.

As women who have had their fair share of first kisses, we can give you some tips on how to make it perfect- Don’t go all in. It should be light and seductive and a promise of more to come, so she wants to see you again. Kissing her with all you’ve got can be overwhelming and presumptive. We know you’re excited, hell we are too! But please remember the girl you are with has needs and your kiss should tell her that you will take care of them.

– Show her that she’s beautiful by lightly touching her face or hair.

– Make her feel connected to you by holding her hand as you kiss her.

– Taking things slowly and using your lips gently against hers is a good way to show you respect her.

– When you do get to tongue, remember this is the one muscle she doesn’t want you to flex. You should be gentle and soft. Hard tongue is aggressive, and while there’s something to be said for that kind of passion, save it for later.

Remember, you are still trying to meet her needs, so let her take the lead a little. She’ll tell you what she wants through body language. But you can also be the one to end the kiss. Again, it’s never a bad idea to leave her wanting more.

Of course these are just pointers. Your personality and that of your date will direct how and when the first kiss happens, as well as how it goes and whether or not it ends there.